Immo Tool V26.12.2007+keygen unlimited install

Immo Tool V26.12.2007+keygen unlimited install

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1. What is Immo Tool? 

Immo Tool is a software kit which enables the repair and coding of engine ECUs and immobilisers. The main aim of the Immo Tool manufacturer is to simplify and automate the process of matching and programming second hand engine ECUs and immobilisers, making it possible to reuse them. Generally, we can say that Immo Tool is a set of solutions gathered together in one big software application.

2. How is the job done? 

Immo Tool works on files so you need several programmers to read and write the devices you work with. Working with the software involves:  
1).choosing the car type and ECU type (this involves coding algorithm of the immo entries) 
2). loading the right file 
3). starting the program 
4). saving the modified file or loading the decoded PIN or VIN codes 
5). programming the target system with the modified file

A file which has been properly modified and loaded to ECU memory makes it possible to activate a second hand ECU to start in a new environment / new car. It can be assumed (with just a few exceptions) that the modified ECU will work just like its brand new equivalent ready for coding / self coding. In some cases the new ECU will work without the coding function enabling to test the car engine with a damaged Immo device or even without any immo devices.

3. What do you need to start work with Immo Tool?

The software works on files and reading of the memory contents is your problem. Sometimes it is possible via diagnosis but in most cases you would have to take the ECU out of the car and read the contents of the memory. In our opinion you need:
1). universal programmer able to read / write Eprom and flash memories 
2). universal programmer able to read / write serial memories (SPI, I2C, uWire) 
3). several Motorola programmers (HC 908, 912, 05, 11) Texas Instruments Microcontroller programmers (TMS370, TMS374) 
4). other programmers (strange hybrid from Opel, Fiat)
5). a tool that can read the contents of ECU via diagnosis line would be of a great advantage

After modifying the memory contents it would be nice to test the ECU on desk by emulating the camshaft / crankshaft sensor signals. Take a look at our PG07 sensor emulator.


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