Linde Pathfinder v3.6.2.11 diagnostic program for linde forklift

Linde Pathfinder v3.6.2.11 diagnostic program for linde forklift

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Linde Pathfinder / v3.6.2.11 [01/2016]
Version :     01-2016
Language :     EN, DE.FR. IT
Type :     DIAGNOSIS
OS :     Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Date :     JANUARY 2016

Linde Pathfinder v3.6.2.11 is the diagnostic software for Linde forklift trucks and warehouse equipment.
It contains newest service bases up to JANUARY 2016.
DiaMon version:
Available service bases (UPDATED JANUARY 2016):
E - Series: BR 335-03 (1.6.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 346 (1.10.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 386 (1.20.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 386-02 (1.6.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 387 (1.14.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 388 (1.7.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 1275 (1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 1276 (1.6.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 1279 (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
LSP - Linde Safety Pilot (1.3.0, Linde MH-D) H - Series: BR 1220 (1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 1313 (1.7.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 1401 (1.1.0, Linde MH(UK) Ltd)
BR 350 (1.13.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 350-04 (1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 359 (1.13.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 391 (1.14.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 391 EVO (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 392 (2.18.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 392-02 (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 393 (2.16.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 393-02 (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 394 MPR (1.4.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 394 (2.15.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 394-02 (2.3.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 396 (1.10.0a, Linde MH-D)
BR 396-02 (1.3.0, Linde MH-D)
LPF30 (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
Cummins QSB Tier2 (1.4.0, LMH-D)
Cummins QSB Tier3 (1.5.0, LMH-D)
Deutz EMR3 (1.6.0, Linde MH-D)
Deutz EMR4i (1.3.0, Linde MH-D)
IMPCO (V1.10.0, Linde MH-D)
VW CR (1.6.0, Linde MH-D)
VW P-D (1.5.0, Linde MH-D)
VW- Motordiagnose (2.13.0, Linde MH-D) P, W - Series: BR 1189 (1.8.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1190 (3.10.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1191 (1.5.0, Linde Material Handling)
BR 1193 (3.0.0, Linde Material Handling)
BR 127-02 (1.7.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 127-03_04 (1.6.0, Linde MH-D) R - Series: BR 1120 (1.12.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 1123 (1.11.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 115-02 (2.17.0, Linde MH-D)
BP 115-03 (1.13.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 115-11/12 (1.8.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 116 (1.15.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 116-02 (1.12.0, Linde MH-D)
BR 116-03 (1.5.0, Linde MH-D) T, N, L - Series: BR 1110 (3.9.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1111 (3.9.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1151 (1.8.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1152 (1.22.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1158 (1.8.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1160 (1.6.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1168 (2.0.0, Linde Material Handling)
BR 1169 (1.7.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1170 (2.9.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1172 (1.20.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 1173 (1.3.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 131 (3.9.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 132 (3.8.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 133 (3.10.0, Linde MH-F)
BR 372 (2.0.0, Linde Material Handling)
ParaDigFSx33 (, Still Wagner GmbH)
ParaDigPinCodeFSx (3.4.3x, Still Wagner GmbH) V, K, A - Series: BR 1110 (3.4.0, Linde MH-F)
ParaDig13-3_15-3_AC (2.06, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDig13-3_15-3_DC (2.05, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigBLS (2.07, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigELK (2.08, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigHPS_ManUp (2.07, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigHPS_MD-MU_4 (2.07, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDiglOX (2.03, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDiglZF (2.11, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigLR80 (2.01, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManDown_4 (2.23, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManDown (2.13, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManDown10 (2.05, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManUp_2 (2.13, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManUp_4 (2.29, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManUp (2.09, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigManUp1013N (2.05, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigOrderPick_M (2.22, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigOrderPick_X (2.21, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigOrderPick (2.11, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigPinCode_Disp_MD-MU (2.08, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDigPinCodeManUp (2.06, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH)
ParaDiqPinCodeOrderPick_X (2.05, KION Warehouse Systems GmbH) Xtra: CanBox (1.4.0, LMH-D)
FDE-60 (LFM)(1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LDC-71_BR1120 (1.4.0, Linde MH)
Flash_387_388_LDC70 (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_394-02 (2.0.0a, Linde MH-D)
Flash_396_LHC11 (1.2.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_396-02_Display (1.0.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_396-02 (2.0.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LAC03 (1.1.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LAC03_61 (2.1.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LES40 (2.1.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LAC02_BR1152 (1.1.0, ServiceXperl GmbH)
Flash_LAC02B_BR1151 (1.0.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LAC02B_BR1169 (1.0.0, Linde MH-D)
Flash_LAC02B_BR1172 (1.1.0, ServiceXperl GmbH)

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